Safe. Secure. Concealed.

The lightweight shoulder holster for phones, tech, travel and lightweight concealed carry guns.

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Made in the USA

The Tek Holster and its accessories are made in the United States of America with quality and conviction to meet customers needs.

100% Genuine Leather

The durability of our Tek Holster line of holsters comes from the leather of good United States of America grown cows.

Because of all your requests we have made two NEW sizes!

  • The first holster on the left is the XL Holster. It holds the iPhone 5 and similar size phones with the Otter Box.
  • The 2nd holster on the left is the XXL holster. It holds the Galaxy Note 4 with a screen saver and other similar size phones.
  • The 3rd holster from left is the NEW XXLW. It's the same size as the XXL, but now 1 inch deep. It will hold the iPhone 6 with Otter Box, the Galaxy Note 4 with screen saver and with the Ghostek case, and other similar size phones.
  • The holster on the far right is the NEW XXXLW holster. It will hold the iPhone 6 Plus and the Galaxy Note 4 with the Otter Box.
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Phones & Tablets

Phone Holster

The Tek Holsters 3.75 oz. concealment leather shoulder holster. With 5 sizes, you can carry all types of products from I-pods to multiple cell phones, droids, BlackBerry and the largest (without going custom), the Samsung Galaxy Note, and now the new IPHONE 6, and even bigger the IPHONE 6 PLUS.

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Personal Protection

Personal Protection

We have six standard holsters for both left and right carry. Manufactured in rectangular form to allow for optional laser attachments. You wont find a lighter, and more comfortable carry holster for any lightweight concealment gun. Available in both black and rawhide.

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Travel Documents

Travel Documents

TEKHOLSTER.COM has developed a passport holster to fill customers requests. Able to mount on the inside of the universal shoulder strap behind the Tek Holsters keeping your concealed carry confined. Comes in three standard colors.

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Lightweight comfortable and stylish

TEK HOLSTER is lightweight, comfortable and stylish. The ultimate leather holster for your carrying needs.

Finally a holster that is not over sized for its needs. A holster and shoulder strap that combined weighs 3.75 oz. Made of a USA cow 4oz. Leather. Made in the US of A with quality and conviction to meet the customers needs. Priced right for today's tough choices. Now tech gadgets, cell phones, guns and travel paperwork are able to be carried comfortably, and concealed.

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